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Behind every fact and every statistic is a story of how people have been affected by the ongoing cuts to the federal budget. We have always maintained that Congress should not balance the budget on the backs of working poor people and struggling families.

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Alli Morris
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Our colleagues at Bread for the World maintain a database of the most current facts and statistics on hunger and poverty in the United States and abroad. These facts and statistics come from reputable sources or are culled from various research studies. bread.org/hunger

Through an initiative of our friends at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, we have a handy map the that provides statistics (2011) of poverty levels in states and counties throughout the USA.

FACT: Nearly 15 percent of U.S. households struggle to put enough food on the table. 49 million Americans—including 15.9 million children—live in these households. (USDA, “Household Food Security in the United States,” 2012).

Our Stories
  • Ofelio – Washington, D.C.

    What Ofelio needs but cannot obtain is a start-up loan. A few thousand dollars would allow him to move his business out of his home kitchen, but by banking standards his business is too small and too risky. More

  • Tara Marks – Pittsburgh

    “This was not a question of availability of food, but a question of affording it. I did not live in a food desert; I lived in a food mirage. I had many grocery stores around me, but I could not afford to go in and shop.” More

  • Barbie Izquierdo – Philadelphia

    “I feel like America has this huge stigma of how families are supposed to eat together at a table,” Barbie says, “but they don’t talk about what it takes to get you there or what’s there when you're actually at the table.” More

  • Sheila Edwards Howard – Chicago

    “Hold on until times of change” and “keep moving.” More

  • Alli Morris – Bend, Ore.

    I get vouchers for cheese, milk, berries, vegetables, beans, tortillas, and bread…[My child] wouldn’t be as healthy as he is without WIC because he wouldn’t have everything he needs. I would not have been able to supply all of that [food]. More

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