Circle of Protection

We are heads of Christian denominations, agencies, organizations, and educational institutions who believe that God expects national leaders to prioritize the needs of poor and hungry people.

Share Your Story

Behind the the numbers–millions, billions, even trillions–of proposed or enacted cuts by Congress lie the stories of people. People like you have been affected in many ways by the ongoing Congressional efforts to cut the budget.

We invite you to tell us briefly–in no more 100 words–about how the ongoing budget battle has affected you, your family, your friends, or people in your faith community.

By submitting your story, you grant us permission to verify your story, to publish it, and to perhaps expand the story so that it can be shared with a wider public. Unless you expressly grant it, we will use only your first initial and last name and town or city and state. If you have a photo of yourself (the higher the resolution, the better), please attach it or send it by email to:

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