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Truly I tell you, just as you did it to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me. - Matthew 25:40

Candidate Videos

Over 100 Christian leaders have asked each presidential candidate, “What would you do as president to offer help and opportunity to hungry and poor people in the United States and around the world?” These videos, produced by the campaigns, are their response. The Circle of Protection presents them without comment or endorsement. We encourage church, college and seminary groups to view and discuss the videos. A study guide is available. Share your comments using the form below.

Transcript for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is running for president

Where is Donald Trump’s video?
The Circle of Protection has made repeated requests to the Trump campaign for a video. To date, we have received no response.

The following individuals have suspended their campaigns.

Transcript for Jeb Bush

Transcript for Dr. Ben Carson

Transcript for Ted Cruz

Transcript for Carly Fiorina

Transcript for Lindsey Graham

Transcript for Mike Huckabee

Transcript for John Kasich

Transcript for Martin O’Malley

Transcript for Marco Rubio

Transcript for Bernie Sanders

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This forum is moderated. We welcome your comments on the candidates’ ideas about addressing hunger and poverty — and your own policy suggestions. We will not publish comments that personally attack candidates or make derogatory comments about individuals or groups.

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