Circle of Protection

We are heads of Christian denominations, agencies, organizations, and educational institutions who believe that God expects national leaders to prioritize the needs of poor and hungry people.

‘Good News to the Poor’

WATCH: Christian Leaders Talk With Their People About the Family Support Budget Bill—“Good News to the Poor”

Video Gallery

Rev. David Beckmann
Rev. David Beckmann, Circle of Protection
Rev. Eugene Cho
Rev. Eugene Cho, Bread for the World
Bishop Curry and Bishop Eaton
Bishop Curry, The Episcopal Church &
Bishop Eaton, ELCA
Rev Carlos Malavé
Rev. Carlos Malavé, Latino Christian National Network
Terri Hord Owens
Rev. Terri Hord Owens, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Diane Randall
Diane Randall, Friends Committee on National Legislation
Rev. Gabriel Salguero
Rev. Gabriel Salguero, National Association of Latino Evangelicals
Rev. Adam Taylor
Rev. Adam Taylor, Sojourners
Jim Wallis
Rev. Jim Wallis, Georgetown University
Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner
Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, Skinner Leadership Institute

Circle of Protection members met with the White House in September to express support for the family support bill being debated in Congress. In a letter they presented to the President and Congress, they affirmed that pending legislation “would strengthen the physical and social infrastructure of our society, cut family and child poverty more than any time in our lives, and ensure the precious right to vote for all people made in God’s image.” Read more

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Christian leaders asked presidential candidates in 2019 for short videos telling the American people what they would do as president to offer help and opportunity to hungry and poor people. These videos were the only direct statements on hunger and poverty to emerge from the presidential campaign. View archive