Circle of Protection

We are heads of Christian denominations, agencies, organizations, and educational institutions who believe that God expects national leaders to prioritize the needs of poor and hungry people.

Past Candidate Statements

Each election cycle, Christian leaders of the Circle of Protection ask presidential candidates for short videos telling the American people what they would do as president to offer help and opportunity to hungry and poor people.

In 2012, 2016, and 2020 (below) the Circle of Protection secured videos or statements from all the major presidential candidates and promoted them to the members and supporters of our churches, agencies, and schools.

These videos were the only direct statements on hunger and poverty to emerge from the campaigns.

2019 Primary Elections

In the primary elections of 2019, the Circle received the following videos from seven Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden. Donald Trump and his challenger, Bill Weld, did not respond to the Circle’s request for a statement. Some campaigns have deleted the videos their candidates made in 2019.

Michael Bennet, Democrat

Joe Biden, Democrat

Mike Bloomberg, Democrat

Cory Booker, Democrat

Pete Buttigieg, Democrat

John Delaney, Democrat

Amy Klobuchar, Democrat

Tom Steyer, Democrat


During the general election, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both provided written statements. Click an image to view the full text.

Below the written statements are the videos provided during the primary elections. Nearly all the candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, provided videos.

View the statement by Donald Trump
View the statement by Hillary Clinton

Transcript for Jeb Bush

Transcript for Dr. Ben Carson

Transcript for Hillary Clinton

Transcript for Ted Cruz

Transcript for Carly Fiorina

Transcript for Lindsey Graham

Transcript for Mike Huckabee

Transcript for John Kasich

Transcript for Martin O’Malley

Transcript for Marco Rubio

Transcript for Bernie Sanders


Barack Obama, Democrat

Mitt Romney, Republican